Climate Change Adaptation & Finance

C&E offers a depth of experience in climate policy, planning and strategy, underpinned by a solid scientific and technical foundation.
Based on our wide-ranging experience, we offer a blend of local knowledge and international best practices. We help our clients develop and implement action plans and programmes to address the impacts of climate change (adaptation and mitigation) on resources enabling local communities and businesses to take advantage of the climate opportunities presented in a low-carbon environment.

We also build capacities of both public and private sector institutions through interpreting international climate change concepts and legislation; assisting our Clients mainstream climate change into legislative and institutional frameworks; assisting our Clients develop climate change action plans and formulation of climate proof legislation; and assisting our clients develop project and proposal documents.

From technology and socio-economic research, to analysis and forecasting, we provide advice and support in development and management of:

  1. National climate change adaption strategies and climate financing
  2. Input in land-based resources policy (forestry, wildlife, water, energy resources, etc)
  3. Sustainable biomass strategy including eco-charcoal and sustainable fuelwood policy
  4. Analysing climate change risks and impacts with specific reference to natural resource management specifically land use, forestry, agriculture, infrastructure and energy.
  5. Mobilizing climate finance