We have extensive experience on community consultation, local capacity building and training, market studies and appraisal, feasibility studies for Renewable Energy (RE) product development and business assistance. C & Eprovides expertise in: • Developing consumer financing solutions to support rural energy challenges. • Training and capacity building to strengthen local technicians in the RE sub-sector. • Identifying and developing opportunities for rural electrification using renewables • Developing sustainable biomass energy/sustainable charcoal solutions.

Clean Energy Development

Though clean energy technology is so well advanced, the uptake in rural areas is still very low, partly due to poor distribution networks caused by inadequate infrastructure to access the technology. Working with national international organizations, we mobilize financing for promoting and marketing of clean energy systems/technologies in rural off-grid remote locations and peri-urban communities. We have worked with international and local governments in the region to promote solar and wind systems; biomass technologies including biogas, improved charcoal, etc.
Working with consumer financiers and other investors, C&E will champion promotion of cost-effective energy solutions that are within the reach of rural communities. Using proven solar, hydro or wind power technology, we work with clients and investors to generate and distribute energy that our customers can rely on.